Establish Your Goal We Will Help You Reach It

Our approach is to meet with our business clients at least two times a year outside of the tax season. We like to see how you have been doing and what you are thinking about doing. These meetings can be as simple as determining whether you need to increase or decrease your estimate tax payments. Perhaps you need your general ledger cleaned up and activity moved to the correct accounts. We look for any assets you have purchased and how you paid for them.

What are your long range plans for the company? Do you want to increase sales, increase your net profit? What are your key profit drivers and can you fine tune them for increased profit?

You talk and we listen. Then we make recommendations based on your ideas and plans.


Guiding Beliefs Underlying Our Approach

The Power of Choice

You choose the goal – something that really matters to you. The goal may be growing your business, starting a business or learning more about tax advantages. The choices you make today will influence your financial future.

Take Charge of Your Future

No matter what your age, status or situation; whether you are in your 20s or 80s; whether single, married, divorced, or widowed; whether you are a career person or just starting out; you are capable of taking charge of your financial future.

Money Management is a Never-ending Process

If you have the information, education and tools, you can take care of yourself financially. Making informed decisions is critical to decreasing financial risk.


Planning is Essential

We will encourage and assist you in developing a business and personal financial plan. If you plan where you are going, you will like where you end up.

Nobody Goes it Alone

Financial security and prosperity requires an experienced guide. Someone who has the proper knowledge can be a tremendous asset and assist you in avoiding the pitfalls by offering practical solutions and support in executing your financial plan.


How We Are Unique

Our number one objective is to get positive results for you, our client. We do not watch things happen; we work with you to make things happen.

We strive to operate with the highest level of integrity. We are always open and honest with you – we tell it like we see it. We are forthright in our assessments, and if something is not working, you can count on us to say so. We do not believe in wasting your valuable time, or ours, on plans that are not getting results.


Our Commitment to You

At Maris & Associates we will always maintain these commitments:

  • We listen carefully and respond promptly to your needs as an integral part of your team.
  • We provide you with timely and accurate information and keep you up to date with changes that affect your business.
  • We will continually review new and efficient ways to make you and your business more profitable.
  • We help you formulate your long-term goals, measure your progress and assist in achieving your goals.
  • We will guarantee a quick response. Nothing is more frustrating than working with someone who does not return phone calls or emails.
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Charlotte Maris certified public accountant EverettFor all your tax and accounting issues, Maris & Associates CPA’s is a “one stop shop” in partnership with you, the Client.

At Maris & Associates, we have a wide variety of personalized accounting and tax services that are available for you.

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