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Maris & Associates offers a full range of services for individual and business clients, including a Notary. These services and our pro-active approach are designed to ensure that you receive personalized attention focused on improving your results and providing peace of mind.

Business needs change, and it is hard to predict what is coming next. You may need conventional accounting assistance or sophisticated tax planning. Our services are specifically customized to meet your needs. We provide on-time, effective solutions so you can effectively manage your business to meet your goals.


Financial Management and Accounting Support

Improve your Company’s financial management with more timely and accurate financial and operational information. Comprehensive outsourcing of the following accounting functions to us saves you time and money:

  • Payroll Services and Advice Pay your employees on time with correctly calculated payroll taxes and accurately prepared payroll reports. Certified payroll registers are available as well.
  • Financial Statements – We prepare monthly operating statements that show how your business is doing.
  • Online Bookkeeping – Our Online Bookkeeping Service makes bookkeeping a breeze. You can view and update your accounting information from any computer with internet access. This accounting solution provides you with convenient and secure online multi-user access.

Business Mentoring

Business planning and growth strategy development is a key component. We offer advice and assistance in developing a comprehensive business plan that will help identify and achieve your goals.
There are many challenges for established business owners, but two top the list. The lack of a vision and goals are first. Owners work hard, but may not be focused on ultimate results. Creating a vision that takes the business to the next level helps ensure the company is working on the right things and not wasting effort on the wrong things.

The second concerns a lack of the right people in a company. Owners of established companies have achieved success because they have learned that they can’t do it all by themselves. They must have good people with the right skills to grow and become profitable.

There are critical skills, knowledge and attributes required to build and take a small business to a higher level of success. Are you tracking performance and monitoring your key profit drivers?

We offer advice and assistance with business planning and growth strategy that will help identify and achieve your goals.


Company Tax Planning and Return Preparation

By E-filing 95% of all Income Tax Returns, we ensure timely and accurate filing.


Services for Individuals

Our expert Tax Team helps individual clients preserve wealth by minimizing the impact taxes have on their personal holdings and estates. We offer the following tax services to our clients:

  • Income Tax Planning and Projections – We work with you year-round to minimize your tax burden.
  • Individual Tax Return Preparation – We assist you to timely and accurately meet your filing requirements.
  • Retirement Planning – Advice on appropriate retirement plans to fit your needs; strategies to help you accumulate retirement assets.
  • Estate Planning – Strategies to help you maintain more of your wealth.
  • Trust Services – Planning for future generations and analyzing existing agreements for proper accounting, tax treatment and return preparation.
  • Representation Before Tax Authorities – Advocating for clients before federal, state, and local authorities. Our expertise supports your tax position.


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Charlotte Maris certified public accountant EverettFor all your tax and accounting issues, Maris & Associates CPA’s is a “one stop shop” in partnership with you, the Client.

At Maris & Associates, we have a wide variety of personalized accounting and tax services that are available for you.

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