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Our Experience Working With Diverse Companies

At Maris & Associates CPA’s, we have extensive experience providing services to clients in the following fields:


Professional Services

For two decades, we have served professional services companies including insurance, real estate agents, consultants, healthcare providers, financial advisors and attorneys. Our offerings are designed to improve the financial well-being of your business.


Retail Sales

Retail establishments deliver the goods and services the community needs. They have unique issues involving inventories, employee compensation and managing cash flow. They need someone trained to recognize and meet their special needs. Our clients include: rental equipment sales, gasoline stations and restaurants.


Construction Companies

Construction is a major industry in the Pacific Northwest. Construction companies have special accounting and tax requirements that set them apart from other business organizations. Understanding the needs of the construction industry takes experience and knowledge and someone equipped to provide guidance and counsel.


Family-Owned, Closely Held Businesses

We will help you establish and manage your accounting system, train your management and staff, and understand and react to important financial numbers. We keep you up-to-date on changing tax laws and assist in all financial phases of your business’s life cycle.



Clients receive sophisticated tax advice from professionals who are accessible and committed to watching over their financial future. Our seasoned tax professionals have one goal in mind when working with clients – to help them minimize their tax liability, while keeping them in compliance with ever-changing tax laws. We will work to develop a plan that is customized to best suit your needs.

Now that you know the type of clients we work with, learn more about Our Approach.

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Charlotte Maris certified public accountant EverettFor all your tax and accounting issues, Maris & Associates CPA’s is a “one stop shop” in partnership with you, the Client.

At Maris & Associates, we have a wide variety of personalized accounting and tax services that are available for you.

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